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Upgrade and Rent 100 referrals at Neobux

Upgrade and Rent 100 referrals at Neobux, NeoBux asserts to be “The only PTC you will ever before need,” as well the episode of “The Amazing Tale“ you’ll see why they can make such a claim.

n Day 25 I upgraded to “Golden” membership at NeoBux. Cost for one-year upgrade is $90. Then I funded my “Rental Balance” with $30 and immediately spent $20 to rent 100 referrals. I’ll use the remaining $10 balance for autorenew to keep the referrals that are actually clicking 3 days later you could view what occurred at NeoBux, as well as why I was so shocked.

Upgrade and Rent 100 referrals at Neobux

These NeoBux references are making at an also quicker price compared to my referrals over at other ones. And also almost all of them are extremely enthusiastic remote controls. After three days I can discover simply one in the whole lot. In three days these ONE HUNDRED brand-new recommendations included $1.39 each day to my day-to-day earnings. Think of if I had rented 1,000 recommendations?

Upgrade and Rent 100 at Neobux

Upgrade and Rent 100 referrals at Neobux

Hockeystick! These NeoBux referrals are earning at an even faster rate than my referrals over other PTC sites. And nearly all of them are very enthusiastic clickers. In fact after three days I can find only one deadbeat in the whole bunch.
In three days these 100 new referrals added $1.39 per day to my daily earnings. Imagine if I had rented 1,000 referrals? Or 4,000 referrals? That would have boosted my daily earnings to $13.90, or $55.60 — every single day from this one PTC. Upgrade and Rent 100 at Neobux

If all rented referrals at NeoBux perform like MY first batch, then perhaps NeoBux is justified in claiming — “The only PTC you will ever need.” NeoBux qualifies its referrals. Referrals only become available for renting after they have clicked on ads for 11 days straight. This is why my batch is performing so well, and why it’s likely that any additional rentals I buy will also perform well.

In reality you can’t rent 4,000 referrals all at once; the most you can purchase at any time depends on availability and on your membership level. Total number of rented referrals anyone can have is 4,000 for “Ultimate” members. “Standard members can rent up to 300 referrals. “Golden” members can rent up to 2,000 referrals.
In retrospect, I should have rented more referrals to begin with. Maybe you will benefit from my hindsight. 🙂
One possible strategy is to rent the maximum 300 you can get as a “Standard” NeoBux member, and only upgrade to “Golden” membership when you’re ready to rent more.
There is a high demand for rental referrals at NeoBux. Enough demand that NeoBux limits how often you can rent (only once every seven days), and wording in their FAQ suggests that sometimes there are simply no rentals available.

Upgrade and Rent 100 referrals at Neobux

I am spending about 25¢ per day to autorenew my 100 NeoBux referrals, so my net profit is $1.39$0.25 = $1.14 per day. At that rate, it will take only 18 days to earn back my $20 rental cost, and another 79 days to earn back my $90 upgrade.
Just think about that for a moment. In about three months I will be in profit and able to purchase more rentals and upgrades from my NeoBux earnings. No further out-of-pocket costs. That’s a surprisingly attractive business proposition.

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