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How make money at Neobux

How make money at Neobux

I got a question in email from one of our readers, that is worth responding to here for everyone’s benefit.

José writes: “I am a long time clicking on neobux and so far have not been able to make money. The accounts do not add up, how will I pay $ 0.20 for a referal and I get $ 0.06? The loss is $ 0.14. How can you explain any profit?”

Thanks for your question, José, here’s the answer I think you’re looking for…

The simple answer: The money comes from everyone who pays to present their ads to other members at NeoBux.

How make money at Neobux

But here is a more detailed answer…


Neobux Guide How to make money with Neobux from Home

You pay 20¢ for a rented referral — for 30 days. If that person clicks ads for 30 days, they have earned as much as youcan earn in 30 days. So if you earn 6¢ per day for 30 days that’s $1.80. If you are upgraded, that’s how much you can earn from your rented referral. (If you are not upgraded, you’ll earn half that much from your referral = 90¢)

So your own clicks for a month = $1.80 and your rented referral for a month = $1.80. Total you earn for that month is $3.60. Now you have earned enough money to rent lots more referrals! ($3.60 = 18 referrals @ 20¢)

How much can you earn from 18 referrals? $32.40.

How many referrals can you rent for $32.40? 162.

How much can you earn from 162 referrals? $291.60.Neobux Click Guide|How to make money with Neobux from Home

At that point you might cash out half your earnings — $145.80. That still leaves you $145.80 to use to rent another 729 referrals. See how much you can earn? It doesn’t happen instantly, but it grows over time.

These numbers are of course the IDEAL, assuming everyone clicks like you do. In reality that does not always happen. So some of your rented referrals do not click, and you do not make as much money. But in general PTCs are built to generate lots of money from lots of tiny micro-payments. If you stick with it, you cannot lose. How make money at Neobux

neobux payments proofs

neobux payments proofs

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