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Neobux Paid-to-Click Service.


First Guide (Earning Money from Home)

It’s a PTC (Pay To Click) of Portuguese origin that paysneobux 

its users per click advertising listings and links on the site, mini-jobs, investments and adprize gifts. There are two types of account, free & payment. A free account can see fewer ads a day than the payment account, plus the percentage of earnings for each referral link and that is greater with the payment account. Every day the ads-list is restarted automatically.

NeoBux pays a dollar limit to reach through virtual payment processors like PayPal, Neteller and PayPal. Payments are instant and deducts a percentage fee (fees), in the case of Paypal.

The minimum payment is received at the limit of $ 2.00, and may order the proceeds to your PayPal account or AlertPay. Then increases a dollar every time, $ 3.00, $ 4.00, etc.. To reach the limit of U.S. $ 10. When you reach the limit of $ 10 and asked to pay a new fee is generated when reach $ 10 again. WATCH OUT MY LATEST PAYMENT PROOFS BELOW (You can zoom in to get a close-up view)

neobux payments proofs

neobux payments proofs

So here is the dynamic characteristic of a PTC, but what separates NeoBux you can only rent referrals (you generate profits) and that paying offers you tools to manage these referrals, to switch to you generate less benefits and good statistics on them. 

These and many other virtues that during the life of the company, served as its payment and great transaction security, make a business PTC (paid-to-click) safest in the world.

New Registration

Before registering: Remember first create an account
in Alertpay or Paypal, this PTC makes withdrawals
through these payment processors.

a) You must register to this page by clicking in pictured below and to click where it says “Register Now”.
b) Then you must fill out the form with your data, on page appears a registration form which must be completed correctly.
c) After the previous step, you can see two spaces to fill with two codes. These codes have been sent to your email account with which you register . To complete, must go (opening a new window without closing the NeoBux web page , review the last mail (also reviewed in the SPAM) , and those two remitter mail that says open them and copy the two long codes, and stick to the areas referred in the image below. Once it has to been done, Image Verification written on the 5 letters that appear and press Finish Registration. verification
If there were no problems during process, it will appear that says your account has been registered. Now go through menu of the neobux web and you click where it says “Login”.Now you should login the data you had previously used to register; write your user name, password,the Second Password you left blank, and Verification Code (CAPCHA) Put the 5 digit code from the image, finishing press “send”

Confirm email then log in to your account with your username and password that you chose. Type in the Turing code to prove you are not a robot!


Start Earning by Clicking Ads.

Add to your Favourites or Bookmark your home page as you will be coming here each day.

There are always at least 4 ads (advertisements) to click for a Standard Member, sometimes more (many more if you upgrade). The red 4 will vanish once you have clicked your 4 ads and earned 4 cents.

clicking ads neobux

clicking ads neobux


If you visit your account several times a day you may see another ad to click – a red 1 will show that you have another 1 cent ad to click. Sometimes it is a brown 1 which is for a half cent mini-ad. They quickly fill their quota so you may be unlucky and find you are too late for a valid click.

Remember you can click on the same ads once every day, so even if you are not upgraded and have no referrals you will get paid in 7 weeks for just clicking 10 minuteseach day; maybe while you read your emails!!

If you have referrals (members who have joined Neobux under you) then you must click at least 4 ads each day to be credited with your earnings from those referrals. All clicks are one left mouse click.




Optional:(Once you are already registered send to me a email including you Neobux Username that you have registered to livecoingeneration@gmail.com for full-guide cover-up or any doubt fell free to receive my advice. Be patient & consistent, Good Earnings)